About DataPulse

DataPulseDataPulse is a joint venture of leading technology risk consultancy JAS Global Advisors and advanced analytics experts simMachines. The partnership derives actionable data insights based on an unprecedented volume and quality of Internet infrastructure data.

Founded in 2003, JAS Global Advisors has developed a reputation for advancing science and technology through world-leading research and development. Built on strong values of integrity and reliability, its network, resources and insights have grown steadily over the years in line with its recurring and renowned client base; including ICANN (Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers), major banks and security providers. 

simMachines provides similarity-oriented solutions for advanced analytics, specializing in discovering patterns and anomalies in structured and unstructured data for  real-time decision making and forward-looking predictions. simMachines science  serves leading technology, pharmaceutical and banking companies.

JAS Global Advisors and simMachines  during the course of research commissioned by ICANN  uncovered a critical vulnerability impacting core components of the Microsoft Windows Operating System.

The “JASBUG” is a Domain Name System-based vulnerability that affected all domain-joined Windows Clients and Servers (i.e. computers joined to an Active Directory), placing a tremendous number of companies and computers around the world at risk.  The vulnerability was announced with the release of a Microsoft Critical update to mitigate the issue on 10 February 2015.

Using the technologies and methods that led to the discovery of JASBUG, DataPulse harvests and analyzes data from the world-wide Internet Infrastructure. Leveraging a global sensor network in Internet exchanges, Internet service providers, university networks and large corporate networks, we can extrapolate the use of Internet-connected services by looking at data reflecting how the Internet Infrastructure has been used.  The data automatically provides privacy protection, as our data is pre-anonymized and does not identify the end-user or the content of any specific communication in question.

The Internet data we analyze is constantly generated by virtually any online activity: from actively browsing the internet, to clicking a hyperlink, sending or checking email.  DataPulse does not access personally identifying information about specific people or computers.

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