Market Intelligence

DataPulse’s insights come from an innovative view of the Internet Infrastructure.  By observing actual Internet infrastructure behavior around the globe, we create an overview which encompasses Internet activity on other sites, allowing evaluation of a complete domain and brand portfolio, building competitive intelligence profiles, or creating industry benchmarks.

Ninety-five percent of all web analytics is based on data which is harvested through a website controlled by the client. By adding code, tracking cookies or pixels, customer behavior is tracked across the website. These valuable insights are designed to optimize traffic within the website and push conversion. The challenge for broader analytics, however, is to establish a pattern across different websites and channels.

Spanning the Web.

Our Market Intelligence Suite can cover any individual or group of domain names, making it ideal to compare traffic within industries, competitors or affiliates. Augmented with our insights into WHOIS registration data and variation similarity, DataPulse can provide unmatched analytical insights and details about Internet presence and activity for your industry, your brand, or even your competitors.


Time Granularity.

With insights being generated in a real-time manner, time specific results drive the Market Intelligence suite. Zooming in on instances or taking a long-term overview allow for trending and predictive analysis.