Domain Names are the critical “Front Door” to your business on the Internet. Efficiently defending your business and brands against increasingly clever and aggressive fraudsters requires a cohesive process consistently applied.

Enter NoNoNames – the new solution from DataPulse, the world leader in Internet Infrastructure Data.



Capabilities include:

  • Comprehensive listings of potentially infringing and otherwise confusingly similar domains for any given brand name – provided real time
  • An intuitive, visually based tool that facilitates quick and easy review of all potentially harmful domains for problem content and/or other indicators of abuse – thereby facilitating rapid prioritization of brand protection actions.
  • Supplementary data to further assist prioritization such as domain hosting source, presence of payment capability and/or credentials collection, etc.
  • All of the above updated on a regular basis as new, potentially imposter domains come online & existing ones change
  • Easy export of recorded actions and data for further investigation and follow up.